Development OnLine


Australian, Aborgional, Torres Strait Islander and Victorian flags flying out along the “second front” of Treasury

Online Now!

The paper prototypes have grown up and left the nest leaving us in charge of a couple of delinquent source code repositories and a belligerent Heroku instance. Our source code repository has been up for a while now but new to the scene is our live deployment to Heroku. We can’t say there haven’t been speed bumps along the way, but we are glad to have had any issues early in the project when we have a bit of time up our sleeves (and rebuilding the database is quicker at this point of the process)

Analytics Integrations and More

We have reconfigured the Analytics on the Genesis site to go through a service called The service acts as a kind or duplicator and remailer for web analytics and switching to segment allows us to continue utilizing Google Analytics and at the same time experiment with a raft of other services such as Woopra, and Treasure along with dozens of other data analysis and warehousing services

CityLab Presentation

Melbourne City recently hosted us at the new CityLab venue on Bourke st for our second Open House event with Code for Australia and the other fellowship teams. Great to hear about the genesis of CityLab and the ongoing projects currently running in the space, but don’t take our word for it, here is the video of the introduction by Lorraine Tighe and Michelle Fitzgerald from CityLab with the mc on the day Alvaro kicking things off

Now here is our teams presentation on the code we’ve developed, how human focused design allows us to focus on the real issues and how web scraping may just save us all yet. Considered too hot for TreasuryNet so download now!

Showcasing our MVP at DTF

Now that we have a working minimum viable product we’ve been starting to show it off around the DTF and have even garnered some interest from people outside our own group. It’s been very rewarding getting feedback on the value of our outputs already. Another encouraging sign was that some people are already interested in using it and having it available as a resource for their day to day (or not so run of the mill) work. We were even able to capture this snap of a user “in the wild” trying out our tool and telling us what they want next

Written on October 21, 2016