Code for Victoria 2016 fellowship.

Team biodiversity.

A Flounder of Field Ecologists

We had our first user research session in Bairnsdale, 16th of Aug 2016. During part of the session we asked participants to describe a data collection process they go through. The processes are described in this trello board with other raw results from the day.


Johan Started. He gave a very melbourne example :

Chris Healey went next. He talked about generating records of bird species richness and abundance over time. Interrogating the atlas requires sending an email, not just going online!

Kylie Singleton went after Chris. She was interested in providing data to landholders.

Simon Ruff had lots of historic fox control data which he never managed to get into the Victorian Biodiversity Atas. He also described how he set out camera traps.

James Turner talked about using a notebook and GPS to collect voucher specimens.

Stephen Henry talked about monitoring population change in the Eastern Bristle Bird. This was setting up and reporting on field work.

Aileen Collyer talked about collecting data for many different projects in the field. She described batch upload to the victorian biodiversity atlas.

Marc Perri described how he would provide value added data with specific areas marked out and the victorian biodiversity atlas would return just one point destroying his work.

Belinda Rossack described timber harvesting boundary checks. She described how she checked whether boundaries of timber harvesting intersected with threatened species critical habitat.

Lucas Bluff described an ideal process for how to upload information to the victorian biodiversity atlas.

Mel Hardie described the ordeal that she goes through to upload information for people who can not to the victorian biodiversity atlas as its curator.