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Team biodiversity.

Standardize to Make Change Stick

VBA Core

One of the critical issues we have identified as a result of the user research phase, is that there is a lack of standard definition or specification in different critical processes involved with the biodiversity data administration. The consequences of an absence of standardization may be wasted time, effort and resources in data entry and validation tasks. Duplicate or extra work may be created because the process is complex. This creates difficulty in allowing users to quickly, easily and securely share information and results in poor data quality. Therefore, one of the first steps that we have done it is the creation of a standard documentation based on an international biodiversity information standard. Also, with the added value that standardisation allows, for example:

By mapping out standard specifications and turning them into a web page or a document, DELWP can achieve for instance: a solid base on which to make some improvements in the process of collecting biodiversity data and a working manual that should be updated when further changes are made. If the standards are followed, increased productivity, improved quality and reduced costs and resources also can be expected.

All these characteristics have direct benefits to improve the way things are being done in the present. Principally if we are talking about sharing and collecting data to encourage more Victorians (scientists, ecologists, citizen scientists and natural resource managers) to value nature and contribute in a common and standard language in the near future, which is the main objective to achieve in this project.